The Seven Most Popular Fashion Eyewear of 2019

Purchasing a brand new pair of sunglasses or eyewear is one of the most accessible ways to update your style wardrobe. It is a must-have fashion accessory for any fashion lover. It is no wonder spectacle trends are so popular and with it the variety of eyewear cases. Whether you have been wearing them with prescription lenses or only as a fashion statement, it does seriously gives your look a refresh.

Due to a variety of fashionable eyewear available today, including all types of bold, colorful, and other revamped classic shapes, you will find the perfect fit for your style.

Here, we have rounded up all the popular frames of the year 2019, so that you can easily choose the one which suits you perfectly from the below:

  1. Clear transparent Framed Glasses

Clear frame glasses have become one of the most popular frames trends today. The clear plastic has captured the imagination of many fashion designers and it is seen in an array of magazines of clothing and accessory designs.

Whether you are looking for a subtle look or a high fashion statement, you can achieve it both with transparent eyeglasses. This accessory is timeless for both men and women.

Clear transparent Framed Glasses

  1. Dusted Pink Glasses

Dusted Pink Glasses

Millennial, dusted pink is the next neutral hue. This color is considered to be a breath of fresh air. Add this frame to your collection and it will certainly not ignored when you walk into a room. Shade as light as this will include a worry less vibe to your outfit. Despite that, to keep the focus on them, make sure to pick an outfit in lighter to not to steal their spotlight.

  1. Tortoise Shell Glasses

When you are looking for clear frames glasses, this is the second-best option after the clear glasses frame. The unique patterns of tortoiseshell glasses will keep you in tune with the current eyewear trend. Not only that but also there are so many color palettes available of this pattern that will surely find the one that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

Shades like brown, white, black, blue are provided in this trendy pattern glasses.

  1. Leopard Print Glasses

Another choice for a dapper-looking frame is that bold yellow and brown leopard print glasses. It is one of an excellent choice for men. On the other hand, for ladies, you can try out it in a cat-eye frame with the same print. Try out this pattern in different shapes to ensure that it looks perfect according to your face shape. With so many eyewear case manufacturers available, you will surely find one of the matching pair of a set with the leopard print glasses.

  1. Gold Metal Eyeglasses

Gold is a statement. It’s simple golden metal frame glasses that will look the best. Gold metal glasses are delicate and elegant looking perfect accessory for your office wear to add some fun. These are one of the men favorite pair of eyeglasses, yet it makes a great choice for women too! One of the popular decisions with men that are old school yet rebel choice.

Gold Metal Eyeglasses

  1. Nude frame glasses

Add some color to your clear glasses frame for that of extra boldness. The faded color is one of the hottest silhouettes of the moment. Neutral colors have an absolute assuming beauty, which makes them unique from the rest of the colors. The trending nude shade provides a balance for the dark skin tones. It brings brightness to your face. Nude is a versatile color which is easy to match with the various outfit.

Nude frame glasses

  1. Vibrant Red Glasses

Red glasses trend is mostly destined for female eyewear. This women eyewear are hip and bold, which makes it a perfect choice for the trend-setter. If you are looking to make a bold statement, you should then go for a red cat-eye frame. This pair of eyeglasses are very attractive looking, especially if your skin color is a dark shade then it will look even more beautiful. Not to forget it adds a little bit of mystery to your frame.

Designer eyewear is all about style, fashion and comfort. Eyewear is the ultimate accessory, but this little luxury should be taken care of with equally important eyewear cases. With an opportunity to own designer eyewear at prices, it comes along with the responsibly to be taken care off. Keeping it in mind, we have been providing the eyewear cases wholesale. To ensure your favorite lasts longer with our case.

Vibrant Red Glasses


Fashion eyewear caters to everyone whether its with prescription or for merely wearing it. So, if you are looking for designers eyewear that is trendy and which also suits you the best. For a unique and stylish piece of accessory, you can have a look at our article mentioned above. Pick out the best which suits you according to your face shape, eye color and make it a statement whenever you wear it!

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