7 Steps to Protect Your Sunglasses from Scratches 


Protecting sunglasses is important, especially when they cost you a pretty penny. It is essential to keep them in the same way when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun. The key here is to take care of sunglasses as good as from the start.

When you build this as a habit to keep your glasses uninjured, you are more likely to follow the trend forever. Things, like keeping the glasses safe in its sunglasses case box or not hanging them on the shirt, these are some little things you should be kept in mind.

So, when you purchase a pair of shades, make sure to follow through these seven essential keys to safeguard it:

  1. Don’t place them over your head

Tucking sunglasses over your head or in your shirt is not the best way to prevent it from breaking. Chances are it may fall off your head or sweater, or the screw might get loose. The chances of them breaking or falling is higher when placed on the head or tucked in shirt. Instead, you can invest in a sunglasses pouch to keep the shades intact. A fancy sunglasses case will definitely protect your shades.


  1. Take good care of the lenses

You should surely take good care of the lenses. After all, they are the reason you are wearing sunglasses. So, when you wear your sunglasses next time and if it has smudges or fingerprints or dirt on it, try to use a proper cloth to clean it and not your with shirt. Doing so will damage the lenses of the frames. So, using the adequate cleaning cloth for it, you won’t be risking the lens.

  1. Avoid keeping them on table

Don’t settle your shades on the table while you are eating or anything. Your sunglasses might be at risk when you are keeping them on the table. Things like plate, fork, knife or glasses can crush the frames. So, you should use sunglasses cases to shield them from breakage. Keep them in the sunglasses cases when you are not wearing it. It will protect it from unwanted damage.

While most people don’t like to think that such things don’t happen, it might break your glasses.

  1. Use a sturdy sunglasses case 

Sunglasses come with a case and when you do not use it, you might break the shades into two. Keep your sunglasses safe from all the surroundings with the help of a sturdy case. You can buy it from a sunglasses case online. It will help you to keep your sunglasses safe and keep it damage-free. Furthermore, you can carry it around the purse and it will be prone to scratches.


  1. Proper handling

Proper care is extremely necessary when it comes to keeping sunglasses in for the long run. Always take care of the sunglasses while taking off the glasses, so that you wouldn’t loosen the frames. Also, don’t twirl the glasses or hold them with one arm. In short, don’t do any such activities which inclined to break the shades.

Remember to remove sunglasses carefully. When you keep it intact with proper handling, you won’t have to deal with broken glasses and can maintain it for the long term.


    Avoid Dry Wiping


One of the most common mistakes people make is wiping the sunglasses when they are dry. Due to the lack of moisture, it causes the lens to degrade or it might scratch your glasses when you wipe it.

No matter how many people you see cleaning the glasses when dry, just don’t it. Always use the liquid or the cloth which came along with the sunglasses case for cleaning the lens properly.

  1. Regular Checkups

Your eyewear needs to be checked frequently in order to make sure that it does harm your eyes. So, if your glasses are broken, or bent ensure to visit the local optician dealer to get it fixed. Doing so will help to wear the glasses comfortably but also will protect your eyes too. Wearing a broken sunglasses could harm your eyes while it could also develop into much larger frames.

As a fashion accessory, sunglasses are loved by everyone. They are probably the most expensive of all and more than that they are also useful. Despite so many varieties available, UV protection is an absolute must for your eyes. Ensuring your sunglasses stay intact can definitely help your eyesight remain healthy while you look fantastic wearing it.

So, ensure to follow the tips for keeping your sunglasses safe and in the best condition for the long term. You don’t want to end up breaking it.


Your new pair of sunglasses needs to be taken care of despite everything it says it is. If you wish to keep it around for the long term you need to ensure to use it with proper care. When frequently using the sunglasses it results in wear and tear of it. For that, you can have a look at your guide on how to take good care of your shades.

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