8 Most Essential Eye Care Tips For This Monsoon

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Monsoons are one of the most awaited seasons in India after the scorching heat. While monsoons are loved by everyone, most infections and diseases are spread in this season. Due to the moist weather and the air. Such weather conditions often lead to eye infections like fungal infections, styes and various other. If you have prescription glasses, then you need to be much more careful for your eyes. Take extra steps like keeping your glasses in its spectacle case or if you wear lens then in the lens case. To ensure that they are away from the dirt.

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Like our body needs various treatments of severe problems, we also need to take care of our eyes as they are a vital organ. To help you with that, we have gathered some effective ways to prevent your eyes from the harmful infections in the monsoons:

  1. Use sunglasses

Use sunglasses

While driving a vehicle the dirt particles tends to get into eyes. So, to avoid getting an eye infection while driving, it is important to wear sunglasses. The dust particles can be a significant cause for eye infection and irritation. So, you must wear sunglasses to avoid dust storms. Using the sunglasses will cover your eyes from the dirt. Plus, if your sunglasses get caught in the heavy rains, make to clean it just after especially from around your eyes. Also, make sure to buy glasses case to keep it protected from dust when not in use.

  1. Cleanse contact lenses

If you use contact lenses daily, you must use it with more care in the monsoons. Clean your contact lenses often before wearing it. If you wear it without cleaning them first, it may cause some eye infections and irritation that will affect your eyes. Always carry around the lens cases to remove it anytime the irritation occurs.

  1. Practice Good Eye hygiene

Whether in monsoons or not, create a habit of washing your eyes with cold water every time you come home. Make sure to not to splash water directly to the pupils. It will, in a way, harm it. Instead, gently wash your eyes with cold water to remove all the dust particles from the eyes.

  1. Avoid using common towels

Do not share your towel and ‘don’t use the same of the others to prevent the chances of getting infections to your eye. The eye infections are contiguous. So, when you share items of personal hygiene like towels, napkins it can cause the spreading of the bacteria and virus from the affected person. So, it’s wise to avoid sharing the towels.

  1. Do not self medicate

People often have a misconception that the eye infection will pass away on itself within a few days. It only does not mean to let it be that means you should get professional help. You should visit the eye care doctor and take the prescription from them only. Doing so will protect your eye infection spreading more.

  1. Do not use eye makeup

Eyes are rapid to catch on the infections through the makeup products. In fact, whenever any makeup particles come in contact with your eyes, it can trigger allergies. So, make sure to keep the usage of the makeup at bay in the monsoons, especially on eyes. Give your make up routine a break.

  1. Switch to eyeglasses

Switch to eyeglasses

Although wearing a lens is a part of your daily routine, you can switch to wearing eyeglasses. It is because if something gets in your eyes while wearing the lenses, it can itch your eyes and may cause an eye infection. The dust of the monsoon showers and winds can cause severe eyes irritation or infections, especially with lenses. So, eyeglasses are a much better option. You can easily remove the glasses to keep them in the spectacle case.

  1. Blink Often

Monsoons can dry your eyes very often. While blinking often can keep your eyes feeling fresh, clean and hydrated. Plus, drinking water helps too. It is a great way to relax the eyes if you are usually occupied with digital screens every day.

Summing up,

Those mentioned above are some of the most vital tips that can help you to protect your eyes in the monsoon. Plus, always wash your hands to dodge any further irritation to your eyes. Wear branded sunglasses every time you are out so that it can keep your eyes protected and keeping the dirt particles from reaching your eyes.


The pleasant period of monsoon is related to the infections and germs in the air. Due to the humid weather, it causes eye infections that can be prevented if you take precautionary measures. With the above tips, you can easily prevent your eyes from any harm. If you wear prescription glasses, then you can look for spectacle box manufacturers, to keep it away from dust when you are not wearing it.

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