10 Frame Styles to Complement Your Style

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Choosing a frame style can be a complicated process. Especially when you don’t know where to start from, which frame to choose? Or what type of color will suit you? Or which eyewear cases are good to invest in? Or anything else.


There are various options available in the market you can opt for the one which suits precisely to your face and skin tone. To list out which frames are the best is a tough job. However, we have made it easy for you by gathering the top 10 frames styles that are universally chosen. Not only does it makes you look better, but it also ensures you do not have to compromise eyesight.

Here’s a list of top 10 frame styles to compliment your style:

  • Cat-Eyeglasses


Cat-eye frames are more of feminist side eyeglasses. This set of frames have been around since the 1950s and have been in high fashion since then. Cat-eye glasses look best on diamond-shaped faces. Such frames will draw your face upwards and will make you look younger.

  • Round Eyeglasses


Round Eyeglasses

Round women frames have been making a major comeback and are considered to be one of the trendiest frames. Appropriate for your workwear and also for the bash party. Round eyeglasses are suitable for the square-shaped face.

  • Geek Eyeglasses

Geek Eyeglasses

It is fairly a new style; you can see people wearing trendy geek glasses with a prescription lens or without. Geek glasses are also known as nerd glasses; they tend to make you look cute, attractive. The stylish geek frame glasses can be used for reading glasses and also as a fashion accessory.

  • Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames

Vintage style eyeglasses are still in trend and you can rock them with confidence. It is more of a retro eyewear style with a modern twist. The vintage eyeglasses frames with a cat-eye or square eyeglasses also look wonderful.

  • Horn-Rimmed frame

Horn-Rimmed frame

Horn rimmed eyeglasses are more of masculine and type of 50’s look. The frames come with a hook to the glasses, providing a more angular look. It is a perfect style for those who are looking for a style that is playful and at the same time seems serious. This frames compliments also compliments your features.

  • Square eyeglasses

Square eyeglasses

Square frames tend to be chunky and blocky, which are purely made out of thick plastic or metal. Such frames have some serious weight at the top of your face. It is a great choice when you are thinking to acquire a retro or vintage look. They are a perfect choice for both men and women.

  • Semi-Rimless Frame

 Semi-Rimless Frame

These glasses are for people who like simple yet a metallic look. These frames are partially wired while leaving the rest of the frame as it is. The metal will cover the top and the bottom or sides leaving the other parts wired.

  • Low bridge frame

Low bridge frame

Say goodbye to those sliding glasses and say hello to low bridge frame eyeglasses. If you have a lower bridge nose, the frame can be misaligned and it can be annoying. So, for them, a low bridge frame is the best option while making sure you stay updated on fashion.

  • Tortoiseshell frame


Tortoiseshell frame

Tortoiseshell frames are lovely with a little bit of orange and red in it. These eyeglasses are the best option for those who love a classic. If you want to make sure that you look subtle, sensual look then choose these glasses.

  • Rimless style

Rimless style

Rimless style frames are made from the tightly strung wire around the nose pieces. When you want something simple, this is the frame style for you. People with any face shape can wear it. Rimless style eyeglasses are perfect for someone who likes to have a simple look for their face.

So, have you decided which style works best for you? Now all you need is to find a good eyewear cases manufacturer to choose the best case for the eyeglasses. Buy prescription glasses and choose for one of the above frames. Eyewear changes the way you look and the way the world looks at you. Above mentioned are the top ten eyeglasses.


Picking out a perfect pair of eyewear is a fun process. Yet, with so many varieties available in the market, it becomes hard to choose one of the frames.

Therefore, we have narrowed down the top 10 glasses that are trendy and will look good. Selecting from the limited list of eyeglasses is easier than to go through various frames. So, read through the article and opt for the best ones.

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