About Us

Since 1998 we have been active in the plastic industry. So we understand the plastic technology better than or as well any other leader in the industry. Today we specialize in the manufacture of eyewear cases, under brand name Optticshell. In addition, we also offer a full range of our sophisticated brand Opticove to meet the taste of the higher end consumers.

Sustained quality has been the hallmark of all our products and services. Customers therefore, trust us without any second thought and this has made our brands Optticshell and Opticove the best selling brands in the country.

The sleek finish and the elegant looks of Optticshell and Opticove eyewear case have proven to be very appealing to customers. In addition Opticove has been able to create huge waves with the vast range of exotic designs and wide spectrum of colours.

The Customer also gets a choice of getting his name and logo incorporated on the eyewear cases. This is done by hot stamping or pad print. Customers therefore, have the option of owning a customized case.

The Optticshell and Opticove range have been created by us with capacity and capabilities to reach out any international market. We assure our customers, quality forever with our strict quality control system.